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AUTOTECH, a new generation business idea, that forms a pioneer establishment in automobile service industry with advanced and Hi-Tech technology. Our next generation wants to do what they like and are passionate for, AUTOTECH being one such idea growing at the speed of lightening. The business model of AUTOTECH is such that it will provide Hi-class services to demanding automobile sector. It will not only generate huge employment but will also give birth to small scale industries to produce spare parts and accessories for the automobile industry demands. Our motto is not just to make a profitable business entity, but to form an uplifting network of motor services. We believe that the new generation will accept this idea with great integrity and run it passionately.

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Autotech (Street Smart APP)

Street Smart is a unique tech venture which digitally connects automobile after-sales services and brings it within the fingertips of the end-customers. Street Smart platform will bring under its fold Authorised dealers, Garage Owners, and End-consumers to be the complete ecosystem for after-sales services across the country. The app will not only provide real-time discovery of street smart stations but also provide service-based searches while ensuring transparency and uniformity in prices charged to customers. The app is expecting a 2 million app downloads within a few months of launch.
Investor Suniel Shetty stated that "I have picked up the stake in several Tech ventures with varied business models. The stake in Street Smart not just diversifies my portfolio but also offers ease in finding Auto-solutions to the end customers. The market is already huge and set to witness growth in the upcoming years and we are poised to ride the wave of demand for the solutions the Auto-Tech venture provides".

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COFFTEE, International brand in beverage industry,which is discovered by the world's brilliant team. Through knowledge and experience makes it most presgious brand. State of all facilities. Unique feature to associate with COFFTEE is you can boost up the local taste along with standard formula which is an easy process. COFFTEE is aiming to generate 10Lakh+ employment opportunies along with 1Lakh+ franchisees across India. COFFTEE it's special because it offer overall hygiene , quality control, customer orientation and pleasant collection of menu.
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Autotech and Barti Training center
Automotive Training Center

Skilled training classes will be implemented for two-wheeler and four-wheeler repairs and maintenance of aspirant candidates in Maharashtra, in association with Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute, BARTI, Pune and Autotech Center Ltd. Mumbai and Khadi gram udyog. However, the eligible candidates should apply in time and take advantage of this golden opportunity that makes them self-employed.


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START YOUR S – GOLD SHOP IN  EVERY  RURAL AND URBAN AREAS. One – gram gold jewellery is another name given for gold – Plated  Jewellery. This Jewellery comes with carat a coating of one – gram gold on It,Which makes it.Look similar to real 22 – Carat Jewellery. Gold lovers who can not finiancially afford. Pure gold can option for this type of Jewellery , The other reason is that One – gram. Gold Jewellery is available in a variety of Traditional and modern designs. Jewellery. Makers are offering a wide range of options, including models that cannot be madeIn pure gold. It also avoids the financial risk in cases of the theft or loss.


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Land Expert
Land Expert

Your speaking skills earns money and reputation for you…. Know how the way we work. Do you have a big plans? Are you looking to drive your life or existing business forward to the next level? In that case, we are just right for you.Here, you enjoy the independence of being in business for you. we firmly believe that the best associates will achieve more success. That is why we are committed to provide our business associates with the best in sales , marketing and training combined with the flexibility. With the help of our team of expert you can easily achieve the market and grow your business where you can earn good money on business deals. 


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Autotech Training

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